Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Preview Day Three

So today included two class sessions. Okay so one was discussion style and one was lecture, but they were delivered at the speed and efficency that I believe I will encounter in my classes. My weakness that I noticed today was getting so caught up in what was going on around me that I forgot I was supposed to be taking notes. Luckily none of the stuff I forgot to jot down will be on the final.

In the first part of the day we were lectured to and then provided with a statute and told to change it. That was amazing. Looking at it and finding what we thought was wrong and then actually having other people listen. Amazing. In the second half of the day we received another lecture and then went over some important Constitutional cases including the case the was responsible for creating the infamous Lemon test. Not the easiest to read, but once I got into it, I was in there. What I think will be best for me will be to read the case first; not worrying about taking notes and finding certain things the first time through really helped with my comprehension. And when we were told what to find I could go right to it. Now understand the professor did underline it, but there was six pages to read, so even with that boost I think I did well.

The best part of the day? Finding out that none of the orientation activities (except for a couple of diagnostic things) are required. This means I don't have to go all day, every day. That's a good way to make up for losing what I thought would be the last week of my summer to go to school everyday. As of right now, to be quite honest, I will probably only go on one day. I don't need to do any more of my administrative tasks so why should I go?

The other thing that was different from the other days was the fact that we were inundated
with so many notes that I had to go back and review and organize. That's really going to be important because even though I understood the material, everything was reinforced and I was able to get excited about it again. I even (tried) to explain it to my boyfriend (he didn't quite share my level of excitement and I have no clue why :-D). Until tomorrow...

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