Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Two Days

So as of today I have completed two days of law school and had all of my classes once. And...it's actually not that bad, but ask me again in a week when our professors have decided that they don't want to hold our clammy little hands anymore and push us off a cliff. One of my biggest obstacles that I am seeing already is I am going to have four different classes and have to take notes four different ways. The way I write things down in Civ Pro will not work in Contracts (add that to the fact that I can't figure out what the hell to do in Contracts) and I'm a little behind. But what seems to be helping is I have gotten permission in 3 out of 4 of my classes to tape the classes so (if necessary) I can go back and fill in my skeleton notes.

Another thing that I knew was coming (but is still a shock) is the reading load. Mine is not so bad on Sunday and Tuesday because I only have two classes the next day, but my Monday and Wednesday reading load will be hell because I will have 3 and 4 classes on Tuesday and Thursday respectively. Take last night for example. I was up until midnight reading and I STILL had reading to do during my three hour break today (thank goodness for that break).But today after class I stayed a little longer (partially because I was NOT getting in rush hour traffic) mainly to go over and organize my notes and do a little reading so I didn't have to take so many books home today.

I am debating (and leaning towards not) taking part in any student orgs this semester. I want to have something that's law school related, but fun, to do, but I don't want my grades to suffer. I want to do well (survive, succeed, excel is my motto for this semester) and I'm not sure how well I'll do if I am treating my time like Voldermort treated his soul. So if you have any advice feel free to chime in. Well I'm going to go and get back to reading with the hopes of getting to bed at a decent hour. Hopefully I'll post more this week and then my once per week (at minimum) rule will kick in. Good luck to all who started this week (or will start next week).


  1. At my school, the organizations aren't too demanding so it wasn't really a time commitment to get my foot in the door and get to meet some people. It may be different at your school. If you find an organization you are really interested in or really feel you want to be involved in, give it a shot! If it turns to be too much of a time lock you can always give it up.

    As far as getting involved...volunteering can be lots of fun, good for the soul, and still law related. I would wait on committing yourself until second semester though. First semester, just worry about your classes and taking care of yourself. Maybe set aside a day or a set amount of hours that are just for something you want to do not related to school at all. Good luck! I remember how stressful those first few weeks are but you will survive!

  2. I'm ditching all volunteer joy in 1L. It may help build a resume, but grades seem to be everything in law school.

  3. From my perspective, you absolutely should do a student organization during law school. Remember that those organizations that enable you to interact with practicing attorneys are also valuable networking opportunities. With the economy being this bad, I am so glad I was so involved in law school, because lots of the opportunities I have had were not advertised. I learned of them from people on my journal or SBA.


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