Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Preview Day Five

So yesterday was the final day of the preview week and I can honestly say that I had fun. In the morning we used almost all of the stuff we learned to begin learning how to formulate practice exam answers and learn how to outline. For the most part outlining was exactly what I thought it would be, but it was good to get a professor to guide us and show us what should be there.

In the afternoon we had a sample law school exam, but according to the people there part of the test wasn't that typical. The essay part was what I am going to have to work on, heck all legal writing, I still write like an undergrad.

So, that was it, all in all it was a very good program and in spite of the price tag I would recommend it (or any prep program CLEO etc.). I may not feel absolutely ready for law school (because, honestly, who could be fully prepared), but I am better. Technically, I've had my first taste of the Socratic Method, had lectures, taken notes, created an outline, and did a "law school exam" so I won't be flying blind. That's good to know. Another perk I discovered is that I just spent that last week in one of my classrooms, so I already know where I want to sit. Now I wonder how early I'll have to get there to stake out my chosen seat? Ahhh law school. Here I come.

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