Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Preview Day One

So today was the first day of my two week law school induction. Today's focus was on class preparation and boy did it show me that I needed this. So the first half of the day largely focused on the Court system and how cases move and who is bound by the decisions. Now most of it I had known from A.P. U.S. History, but some of it I had either forgotten or just never knew. (Now in my defense it was mostly common sense stuff that I had never had to really think about before now and I would have figured it out eventually.)

Now as you must realize I met quite a few of my classmates and we were even divided up by sections so that I also got to see some of my section mates. Everyone seems to be in the same boat despite some having Master's and other advanced degrees, but there is one guy who, every single time I thought "okay I have this down", would ask a question and I would be like "whoa, where'd he get that?" This happened the first time (and a mild migraine started to form), but really by the fifth time he did it I was beginning to think maybe he'll just be "that guy" and if so, good for him. Everyone needs to find the best way to learn for themselves and if that is his way then who am I to stop him. I might tune him out from time to time... But sometimes it wasn't just the questions he asked, but the way he phrased them. I mean I am not saying that the law is in any way easy to understand, but some things do not need to be made even more confusing.

The afternoon was spent discussing reading effectively and briefing cases. Holy s***! So, really, really hard. I understood putting down the facts...and that was pretty much it. But lucky us they gave us some more cases to practice. Wonderful huh? Well all in all it was a good day. The only complaint I have is the chairs. Very comfortable when you first sit down, but by the fifth hour I was definitely fidgeting; and I wasn't the only one. Well that's it for today, but believe there will more to come. Until tomorrow...

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