Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekly Recap #9

So once again I am late with my recap, but better late than never right? I don't know what's been going on with me this week. Scratch that I do. In the first two and a half weeks of October I had midterms and an LP assignment due and I could look forward to something being handed in and getting that feeling of relief of it being done, but now I have nothing. Nothing to look forward to being over until finals start and gosh darn it I am on Apathy Rd. and it's looking like a loooooooooooong stretch of highway to me. Now I'm just looking at it like all I have to do is go to class? You mean, I don't have anything else to look forward to? ow don't worry because I am basically running on autopilot going to class, taking notes, doing my outline, but it's not fun right now. It used to be fun. I want my fun back. GIVE IT BACK! 2L's 3L's BeyondL's how do I get my fun back? (It doesn't help that I sat and thought about it and this is my 18th year in school having had no breaks other than summer and winter and I'm tired.) So I guess that's all for this week. Hopefully next week I'll have a cheerier outlook on everything. I'm not going to quit or anything I just need some help because the relationship between law school and me (I?) is starting to fizzle.

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  1. Just found your blog, and I totally agree with you as I'm also on apathy road. Being a 1L is ridiculously challenging, and it seems that I have no fun anymore... when I should be having fun, I'm guilty because I should be studying. Sigh.

    Just six more weeks (for me) to go, then finals will be over... one way or the other.


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