Thursday, October 15, 2009

Product Review-Levi's 512's, 580's and 590's

So I am what would have been classified as a brick house if I lived in my mom's time and I probably would have had an easier time finding clothes, specifically jeans. But I live in this day and age and my generous hips and smaller (well smaller than my hips) waist make it very difficult to find pants that fit me in both places. More often than not I would go into a store for pants and come out with lots of nice shirts. And if I found a type of pant that fit me correctly I would simply buy multiple pairs and be done with the whole thing until they fell apart (which is often less than a year now because of the crappy quality of materials used nowadays). But somehow whenever I found pants that fit in stores, they would never be jeans. Honestly I haven't had a pair of jeans for about two years now. And up until now I have just accepted the fact that most jeans that are in stores today are not made for people with hips. But not anymore.

Two weeks ago, I got one of my all time fav magazines in the mail (Marie Claire) and I was innocently flipping through admiring all of the pretty clothes I came across this article. It's written by Ashley Falcon. She's an intern at the magazine, but the best part? She's a size 18 with curves galore and damn proud of it. In her inaugural article she discusses how difficult it is for her to find clothes in actual brick and mortar stores, but she doesn't give up, and neither will I. So armed with her suggestions of the best jeans that have worked for her I went out into the world wide web and prepared to do battle. I started at Levi's website and lo and behold, it was my lucky day. Not only were the plus jeans on sale (from $48 to $35), but there was free shipping on every purchase (no minimum purchase). With that type of sign I realized that I was meant to get over my fears and order jeans. So order I did. I ordered one pair (I had to guess my size) of the 512's, 580's, and 590's. So, I received them today and tried each pair on and will now give product reviews for anyone who needs them.

Just as a note I have a 10" difference between my waist and hips with a very large rear end and a semi-defined waist. Also I am 5'8 1/2".

Levi's 512: Perfectly Shaping Boot
99% Cotton, 1% Spandex
I was a little hesitant to order these because of the pocket's. Any girl with a healthy rear end knows that pockets that don't lie flat can make it look bigger (in a bad way). So I tried them on and I could barely get them up. But I shimmied and I shook and up they came, but they were not closing. So I would say that these have a tendency to run true (if not a little smaller) to size. That plus the fact that there is only 1% spandex means that these are not for me. Also, I ordered the regular length because Levi's does not carry the plus jeans in long and I would have been able to wear flats, but not heels. Also, the color that is available is a very dark rinse (basically black) with lots of white undertones. They look good.

Levi's 580 : Defined Waist Bootcut
99% Cotton, 1% Spandex
The pockets lie flat, which is a good thing so already these are better than the 512's. So I ordered these because I did not know if my waist would qualify as a defined waist according to Levi's. So I try them on and realize that this is a good idea in theory. The first problem I had was getting them past my hips. When they say defined, they mean defined and to hell with the fact that in order to get the wonderful waistband to a defined waist, a person would have to get past their generous hips first. So I got them up and these were able to close and then I realized how defined Levi's believes a defined waist is. And I honestly think that if the jeans came up to where they came on the model, my waist would have been defined enough, but since the jeans stopped right where my legs meet the rest of my body (which is NOT the waist) they just created a very unsightly muffin top which no woman wants. So that's another pair nixed. The color is a darker wash (dark blue) with very little white undertone and I would have been able to wear flats, but not heels.

Levi's 590: Fuller Waist Bootcut
99% Cotton, 1% Spandex
So once again, the pockets lie flat. Next I tried them on and they went up very smoothly, no shimmying needed. And once I got them up they closed with no problem and created no muffin top whatsoever. These are great because they stop in the same place as the 580's, but the waist is the same width as the hips. The one problem that I had with these when I first put them on is instead of getting wider at the knee they seemed to get a little slimmer and caress my calves more than I liked, but as I sit here in my normal computer position I can feel them loosening so problem averted. The color is a very dark wash (but dark blue, not black) with no white undertones and I tried on my highest heels (4 1/2") and they were almost completely covered.

So that's it. Three pairs tried, one pair found and a coupon for 30% off all regular and sale priced jeans for their friend's and family days that are coming up so I think I will return the two pairs that don't work to a Levi's store in my area and then go back to the website and get some more 590's. I hope this helps anyone who is in the same predicament that I was for a while and good luck in your search.

Tip: When you go to try pairs to see how they fit like I did here, sign up for the mailing list and get a code for free shipping first, that way if you need to return any you can do it at a store (if you send them back through the mail they will deduct $7 from your refund) and get a full refund because you didn't pay shipping in the first place (they won't refund shipping in the stores, but they also won't take money away from your refund).

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