Friday, October 16, 2009

So You've Gotten Your LSAT Score...

So apparently people who took the most recent LSAT are (or already have) getting their scores back. Some people are going to be ecstatic (exceed expectations), some people are going to be happy (got what they expected), and some people are going to be like me. I got the email, opened it, looked, and cried. Not just cried, I bawled. I scared the crap out of my boyfriend and he really didn't know what to do. I got a score that was below the median and I was convinced that my legal career was over before it had even begun. I moped and I complained and then I got over it. I went and signed up for the December test date and I went and got one-on-one tutoring for the section that I was sure had tanked my score-the dreaded games section. I put my best foot forward and I went and took it again and you know what, I was more prepared, I wasn't as scared as I was the first time around (and it helped that I wasn't schlepped around like cattle with 200 others for an hour and a half) and the night before I had people over for dinner watched a movie with my boyfriend, and went to bed on time.

And you know what, I did better. Not a whole lot, but I did better. And you know what the LSAT isn't the end all be all deciding factor of law school admissions. I had an okay score, a 3.76 GPA, and a good admission essay (pretty good if I do say so myself) and I am sitting here procrastinating on making my torts outline during the first semester of my first year in law school.

So my advice is if you exceed your expectations congratulations. Pat yourself on the back just be careful about flaunting it around others. If you reached your goal congratulations, flaunt it as well but be careful just the same. And if you are not happy with your score go ahead and mope, but realize that it's not the end of the line and get over it. You can take it again (and if you take the December test your scores will still get to your schools on time) and how well you do on the LSAT has not been proven to be an indicator of how well you'll do in law school. You can do it.

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