Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have a friend's wedding to go to in about two weeks. I have purchased this dress in black. The dress itself is a little more form fitting on me than on the model and stops right in the middle of my knee with a modest slit in the back. My dilemma is how to accessorize? I was thinking maybe adding a patterned tight, black heels (on the higher side) and a red clutch, but I'm feeling that I need something more. What do you think? Please help me!


  1. I'm no fashionista, but it could use some color, maybe red shoes instead of the black? There are some websites that put together accessories for you that you can look to for inspiration. Here's one

    good luck!

  2. I wouldn't do a necklace, but maybe some cheap colorful bangles. If you could find cheap red ones it would pull the red from your clutch.

    A patterned tight may help but I'm thinking something for your arms.

    Maybe a feathered barrett if you have long hair?

    Keep us posted!


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