Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Recap #10

So another week gone. After some careful examination of a calendar I realized that including this week I have four weeks of class left. Looking at the syllabi for each class, the only class we're on track in is our Lawyering Process. So what does that mean, you ask. It means that every single professor is going to speed up saying to hell (well not really) with your understanding. I need to get this out and you're gonna take it. Now that just doesn't seem fair to me because theoretically we wouldn't be in this position if you didn't take so many "what if's" or tell us that fiftieth war story during our precious class time. I don't think it's fair that as a result of your actions, I must suffer, but that's the way of the world I guess. Some things are coming easier, but it will be that much more difficult when we start learning about damages in two different classes that are worlds apart (torts and contracts) and try to keep them separated.

So another good thing that I learned from looking at the calendar is that in exactly (ok well maybe not exactly cause of the time and everything) one week from now we will get our hour back ladies and gents. That's right! Daylight savings time, otherwise known as the bane of law students existence (how dare you take away an hour when I already don't have enough time to do my work now?!) will come to an end. You'll get that hour back and for a week (if you're lucky) you'll actually feel like you've gotten a good night's sleep...and then it's back to that crammed "can we make a 28 hour day" feeling. But I sure am going to make the most of that week.

So other than the thirteen hour study day I pulled, nothing really to report. Four weeks of class. Six weeks til finals. Eight weeks til winter break. And did I mention that winter break is a whole month?! For me that's amazing because my entire undergrad career I was on a trimester schedule and as a result we got out around the 21st of December and went back around the 3rd of January. Oh I am going to treasure winter break and take that time to do...absolutely nothing (for the first couple of days until I get bored with myself and find something, anything to do). So keep on truckin' fellow 1L's. I can see the beginning of the end of the tunnel and it's a beautiful thing.

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  1. I was on a trimester schedule too for undergrad and trust me, this break you will get is as great as it sounds (though in the end you will still wish it was longer!)


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