Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Recap #6

So...not really much to report on the home front here. I got the damn H1N1 virus, so I was completely down for the count for basically the entire week. Lucky for me though, I could not have picked a better week to get sick because we only did new stuff in one class and I had something due, but the full draft was already done so all I had to do were some corrections (which is really hard to do your deathbed) and I didn't have to ask for extra time. Well now I have to go because I will be playing catch up for the rest of the evening and all day tomorrow (no classes!). This includes lots of reading and mucho outlining. If I have any Jewish readers, well I don't really think Yom Kippur is supposed to be a happy day, so...well I don't really know what to say without potentially insulting people.

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  1. That sucks! I hope you feel better!


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