Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekly Recap #3

So the end of week three. This week was a little more hectic because I hung out after class on Thursday and didn't get home until eleven and I still did some work. Crazy, I know, but there was some stuff that had to be done by Friday at certain times and I knew that I would be in no shape to get up on Friday and do both assignments. Jeez. So I picked my one group that I want to be a part of, but there's an interview process, so even though I picked them they might not pick me.

So one thing that I am in the process of re-learning is that you can't judge a book by its cover. Hard because as humans we're hard wired to make snap judgments, I'm simply trying to make sure my snaps don't become permanent. One thing I have heard is that people in high stress careers (doctors, lawyers, etc.) have a higher chance of abusing alcohol (let me know if I'm wrong) but I can see how that can be. I had one drink after class on Thursday and it did make me feel a little better about well...everything. I have to make sure that it doesn't become a regular thing. My goal is to find something else that can help me unwind. Biking perhaps? Don't really know.

So this question is for anyone who is/has been in law school. Do you find it hard to read anything other than cases? I love to read for pleasure, but when I've been finding time (which is rare) to do something for me I try to read one of the many books that I acquired over the summer for this very purpose, but I can't concetrate. The entire time I'm reading I'm looking for something deeper (a rule basically) and when I can't find one I get frustrated. Has this happened to you and if so how did you overcome it?

Two first happened this week. The first is that I had a law school exam. Now I understand that it's not a typical exam because the prof. basically told us exactly what to study and tested us on exactly that. (I wish all the law was that concrete.) The second was my first legal writing assignment. Now it wasn't an entire memo, but it was something. So when I started writing it was very intimidating. I mean it was the first legal analysis I had ever done. And...I did it wrong. Well not all of it, but I thought we were supposed to be putting everything into our own words and that wasn't the case. But I did a draft, went to one of the TA's and found out what I was doing wrong, and fixed it. And I was pretty darn proud of what I handed in. We'll see what happenes when I get everything back though.

So that was pretty much the highs from my week. I haven't really had any lows yet, but when I do I'll let you know. If there's anything in particular you would like to know about from my limited experiences just let me know.


  1. For me, it's harder to find *time* to read something other than casebooks than bumping into obstacles while reading fun and pulpy stuff.

  2. I kind of stopped reading for pleasure except during breaks because my eyes were so tired at the end of the day. I tend to pick a couple of shows or get a movie each weekend for down time. Internet is great for tv, since 30 minute shows are cut to about 20 and 60 minutes to about 43.


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