Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekly Recap #4

So the end of the fourth week brought the first outlining effort. I thought it went well until one of my mentors informed me that my group and I spent three hours basically seperating eggs. Apparently the topic that we thought was so important because the professor was spending so much time on is not even a truly significant part of the recipe. The good part? I was able to get a good topic outline done so I can go back and simplify everything. Something not so good happened this week that I won't talk about, mostly because I don't handle rejection well, but I've moved on thanks to another one of my amazing mentors. So that's pretty much it for this week. My whole body is so tired that I can't motivate myself to get up and do anything, but I have to so I'm going to go attack the laundry that has piled up during the week, cook so there is food in the house for the week, finish my Civ Pro, and fix my outline. Joy. I need another Labor Day weekend.


  1. That first outlining attempt is always a toughy, but good for you for tackling it so early on. Outlining is such a learning that I am still refining. Sorry to hear about the rejection, but I am glad you were able to move on and keep trucking.

    Hope you have a restful Sunday. Good luck with your 5th week!

  2. If your professor thinks it's important, it IS IMPORTANT. Your mentor may have had a different professor, and if she did, she is giving you bad advice. Professors give exams on their favorite material. My contracts professor made our whole exam on the State Fair Dealership Law (A series of statutes about how franchises are handled.) The other profs never touched on the topic, but ours did. Please see your professor and ask how important that topic you worked on is. He/she might have a different answer than your mentor!


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