Thursday, June 18, 2009

So This is What Happens When You Deprive 0L's

So today I went into the web portal thing that my soon-to-be school has to centralize information and in the message area there was a message titled "Class Schedules". So really what would you think? Probably the same thing that I thought "Yes I know what classes I'm in. I can get my books online and they'll get here in time." But alas, no. It was a message simply reiterating that we would get our schedules in early August, but they would send us messages telling us how to get out schedules onling mid-July. Arrugh!

But even crazier than this is the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Now I have a friend from NJ but she doesn't act anything like this. I knew it would be just as trashy as all the other seasons and that translates into good, mind-numbing television for me. And out of all the seasons I really enjoy Caroline's personality (or the personality that they have edited into the show). She's quiet except when you mess with her family and then you've unleashed a tiger from the cage. Now I am sitting here watching the director's cut of their season finale and it's nuts.

For those who are out of the loop this season the protaganist was Danielle because it was discovered that her ex-husband wrote a book that claimed that Danielle was a prostitue, slept with over 1,000 guys, did coke, and was arrested for kidnapping and extortion. I know extreme. Danielle claims that out of all the things in the book there were two things that were true: 1) She had a name change and 2) She was arrested because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now in the show everyone's running around like chicken's with their heads cut off showing the book and spreading gossip, but really. C'mon. She was arrested and charged as an accessory which to me means that the DA didn't have enough evidence to prove that she was actually involved. (If I am wrong let me know). So yes she was arrested, but it probably didn't warrant these women acting like she would steal their children. Jeez the way these women act I wouldn't want to come within a ten foot radius of them or their children. But this has been building all season culminating in the season finale. There was yelling, screaming, and table flipping all of which, apparently, are normal for an Italian Jersey dinner. But, even though the women are nuttier than fruitcakes, it's a good show for a laugh and I enjoy laughing.

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