Thursday, June 11, 2009

Computer Troubles

So after laying my computer in some awkward positions during my last year of undergrad the part of my adapter that plugs into my computer has become bent to the point that when plugged in on its own it doesn't live up to the best of its potential. So at first I discovered that with some gentle nudging I could get the adapter to charge the computer, unfortunately this solution did not last long. So I tried to ride out the charge, alter the battery suckiness that my computer does and see how long I could get. To my dismay I learned that a fully charged battery on my computer only lasts at max 1 1/2 hours!

So I spent some of my precious battery life trying to get an HP rep to send me a new adapter since the thing is still under warranty. You think talking to someone whose first language is not English is hard, try typing to one. Now the first guy I got was trying to troubleshoot with me. Now under normal circumstances I would have been happy to do this, but since I already knew what was wrong I didn't understand why he couldn't just trust me. But then he made a mistake by telling me "that without verifying all the scenarios it is difficult to replace the adapter."

Now I went through this period in high school that I LIVED to argue semantics so I replied with "Difficult, but not impossible. Now how do I go about doing it. If it is not the adapter that is messed up then I will deal with that when the time comes, but I as the consumer (who according to tales is always right) need to replace my adapter." I know not so nice, but I really needed my adapter. So after this I guess the guy was advised to try and terminate the conversation because I got things like "Are you with me? Please tell me if you are able to view my messages?" and "Are you with me? Please respond as a delay may cause a disconnection in our chat session." Now this is after twenty minutes of steady conversation am I really supposed to believe that you can't read my messages NOW?!

So I got out of that conversation and started another one. This time I knew what to do and I soon had the guy filling out an incident report and getting a new adapter in the mail. Or so I thought. Fast forward four days I am starting to go crazy with no Internet, so crazy that I am making surprise visits to my boyfriend's moms house. But I get home to a ginormous box from HP. "A little overkill for an adapter, but whatever works." So I run downstairs to be closer to my computer when I open the box. I open the box...and it's empty. I confused the damn rep by asking another question AFTER he said he was finished with my report and he sent me a box to send back my computer!

Arrugh! And I still have no power for my laptop. Now I am starting to go crazy and I became McGuyver. I created an amazing setup with a string cut from one of my pajama pants and subsequently tied to the offending adapter and my ethernet cord. I realized that as long as it is taut enough it keeps the adapter in the position to perform it's duties. So I got back on with ANOTHER HP agent and this guy really seemed to know what he was doing and after some "this is a real incovenience to me as a customer who had hoped to buy from you again in the future" the guy overnighted me a new adapter. Great you think. A story with a happy ending. Sort of. I am so proud of my setup that I don't wanna undo it. I mean I know I can't go to law school with it like this, but would it be so bad if I kept it like this for the summer?

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