Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekly Recap #11

So, interesting week. Two and a half days of class. Snow day. And first made from scratch memo due. Now that was crazy hard. This memo project started out as a group project and let me tell you I HATE group work. I was that person in undergrad who would seek out the weak willed and lazy to be my partners or just work on my own. My understanding was my grade is on the line. I didn't want to put my grade in the hands of others, so I'd rather do all the work on my own. And I never got anything lower than a B+.

But there was no wriggling out of this one and to be honest the amount of work required and the time frame that it needed to be done in required group work. But anyway...once the group work was done, we were supposed to take the work we compiled together and create our own memo. You wouldn't think this would be hard...but damn! It took two hours of staring, typing, reading, thinking what I created was crap, and deleting. I tell you, I've never had so much trouble beginning a paper. This made me feel like a complete and total idiot. But the best part was the fact that once I created something, it was waaaaay easier to edit. And to be honest, I was pretty happy with what I created (after five revisions) and handed in.

So I knew that my final memo would build off of this one, but I was not aware that there was an included oral portion. I have to go back to the memo that I am sick of looking at and create an oral presentation that properly explains my ideas and position in ten minutes. All I can say is thank goodness I only have to do it in front of my mentor and not the whole class. I still have to work on that whole public speaking thing. I'm getting there, but it's hard. So that's LP.

Now the other difficult thing is I have realized (and now completely understand) that I have three weeks until reading week and 45 days until the end of the semester. Jeez! I have NO TIME. I mean, I've started my outlines, but I have so much I need to add and then I need to start boiling it down. Where am I supposed to find this time I mean we got an hour today, but really what is an hour, maybe three torts cases and briefs. Plus I have to sleep sometime right? Right?! Okay so maybe sleep is a luxury I can't afford anymore, but I have to eat right? Right?! Okay scratch that too. But I HAVE to see people outside of law school right? Damn, what have I done with myself? Law school was supposed to be good for me. I'm not really feeling good right now. I feel like I have no time. And I don't. Until next time...unless I've gone crazy.

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