Monday, November 30, 2009

So It's Been Awhile...

So it's been awhile since my last posting. The reason is the bane of every students existence. Finals. I have three civ pro, contracts, and torts. Now Professor Civ Pro makes the tests super easy in the sense that all she wants is the answer, no IRAC (issue, rule, application, conclusion), no fluff; just give her the answer and move on. And we've had two other tests this semester so our "final" only covers 40% of the material we've learned this year. Contracts is in the average law school exam style. Contracts will have four short answer questions (I am practicing hypos for 15 minute planning 45 minute typing) to answer in four hours with a 350 word limit/question. Crazy huh? But Professor Contracts says he does it because he wants people to stop and plan, so plan I shall. Finally, torts is the first and only grade that we're getting this semester. Anywhere from 1-3 questions with around a 5,000 (total) word limit. This is the one I am most freakd out about because it turns out that the way Professor Torts taught the class (BIG emphasis on public policy) is NOT what he wants on the exam. Great huh?

And to add insult to injury I had an "interesting" Thanksgiving* and I am having little mini freak outs as a result. But you just gotta roll with the punches right? So back to the dungeon I go. If I am still alive after finals, I'll give you a holler. Good luck to all those in the same boat.

* My boyfriend's ex showed up for dinner at his mom's house and acted like they hadn't broken up in a very messy, very horrible way. And when she was leaving (I was sitting next to his mom) she made sure to sit on his mom's lap to say good-bye. I sensed an ulterior motive but left it alone out of respect to his mom and her guest, but she'd better not show up on Christmas.

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