Monday, July 20, 2009


So it's been a while since my last post. In part because I didn't really have any law related things to talk about, but also because I had to send my laptop back to HP so that it could be fixed. I had gone on a trip and managed to crack my screen right in Mr. Brady's spot and then because of the heat it spread. This was very distracting and unsightly, but thanks to HP's amazing customer service and their Accidental Damage Warranty what would have normally cost me >$400 cost me NOTHING! Amazing. I am a HP'er for life.

But as far as law school related updates go:
  1. I got my first advance assignment. It's not that long, but the fact that the professor says that we probably won't understand it is not as comforting as one might think.
  2. I have my complete orientation schedule. Thanks to my craziness I have already completed most of my tasks I can leave by three almost every day.
  3. I have gotten 7/10 of my books. Now, some of them were very heavy so I took some advice that I found on another blog and had them ripped from their bindings and punched holes in them. Now I love books. I mean love to the point that even if I hate a book with a passion (Three Billion New Capitalists) I will not destroy or sell it. Ever. So when I got my books in the mail I forced myself not to peruse them so as not to get attached to them, but it still hurt to see them cut up and have the pages forcibly removed (at my request I know, but still). Then when the nice Kinko's lady was done she handed my the covers and I nearly cried, but think about how nice my back will feel. As a result of this (devastating) tip I will be able to carry only the pages I need rather than the whole book. Now of course the downside is I won't be able to sell them back to the bookstore, but it shouldn't be too hard to find a 1L next year with the same classes looking to take a few shortcuts.
  4. I got all of my supplies (except for a chair and backpack) and I came in under budget which is good. I also came in under budget on my books too.


  1. Sounds like you're pretty well organised for your impending leap into law school. I don't think that dissecting textbooks into binders is a common practice amongst UK law students -- I've never seen it done, anyway -- but it's a good idea. Though, as you say, it depends on whether you can stomach ripping them apart in the first place.

    Well done on the budgeting too :-)

  2. I am a bit jealous that you have your schedule and books and all that jazz! I do have my orientation assignment, which is reading a case and trying to brief it (trying being the key word there). I am so anxious to get my schedule and see who my profs are.

    I got a hot pink Adidas backpack from BJs - extra large. If you have a BJs nearby, check it out - they have a great selection of large backpacks.

    (p.s., I'm a Dell girl!)

  3. I did the rip-out hole-punch the casebook thing too! Surprisingly, I think I was the only one in my entire section to do it. (I know because my Contracts prof once called me out on it in front of everyone, and I became known for a while as that girl who tears apart her books.) I go back and forth about whether to do it this year. Second semester, I only did one book, because the fact is that they don't really resell. On the other hand, it's a back saver!

    One tip I recommend: go through the syllabus and pull out all the sections you're going to read for the semester and put them in a binder at the beginning of the semester. That way you have like a 'modified' casebook, but you never find yourself stranded on campus without being able to read ahead if necessary.


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